GI Awards 2019 categories are as follows

Best CSI Initiative

This category is open to all the industry stakeholders who conduct CSI initiatives. Operators, regulators, manufactures and the public can nominate and vote for the best CSI initiative of the year. The judges are looking for a CSI initiative which is sustainable and positively impact communities long inception.


Combat Illegal Gambling

Illegal gambling operations are detrimental to the African gambling/gaming landscape. Regulators are tasked with the responsibility to ensure that stakeholders in the gambling/gaming industry are operating legally and also to weed out all illegal gambling operations. This category recognises regulators success stories and performance in combating illegal gambling/gaming operations.


Most efficient regulator

Efficient operation of the African gambling/gaming industry is reliant on speedy and effective turn around times from regulators. Operators, manufactures and other stakeholders who interact with regulators to seek advice, licensing approvals/renewals and so forth; have the opportunity to commend outstanding services from the regulators. This award will recognise most outstanding services and provide industry feedback to our regulators.


Best Retail Software

Online and landbased operations require state of the art retail software for betting and gaming solutions. This develper and provider of retail software has innovative solutions to support and provide a seamless plafform for both operators and their punters. Which retail software developer and provider delivers innovative solution with the best data feed, virtual games, and sportsbook amongst others features? 

Best Hardware/Software manufacturer

Technology is the backbone of the gambling industry. Manufacturers of hardware and/or software invest a huge deal of resources on R&D on products to ensure reliability and quality is maintained throughout their products lifecycle. These products are commissioned at the operators’ premises or for online operations. The industry does not have room for error and as such the hardware/software is subjected to the highest level of testing and certification. Which manufacturer of hardware and/or software would you crown as the best for the year?


Best Casino operator

Casinos generated over R17.8 billion in the past financial year, over R3.5 billion was distributed to employees while R5.9 billion went towards taxes contributing to the local economy. This sector of the industry sustains over 64 000 direct employment. Casinos are the backbone of the gambling industry especially in South Africa. Recognising the best casino operator goes a long way to appreciate the contribution of this sector to job creation and also the sustainability of the leisure/tourism industry.


Best Responsible Gambling Campaign

Regulators and operators alike spend time and resources educating the public to gamble in a responsible manner. The promotion is done through the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF) and also some regulators and operators spend time on outreach programmes which educate the public on the gambling related issues. The most prominent efforts and message to promote responsible gambling in the continent will be awarded the GI Award for best responsible gambling campaign.


Employer of the year

Its time you recognise your employer and make sure the African gambling/gaming industry knows your employer is a shining example. The judges constantly review the criterion used to determine the best employer to ensure its inclusive of all sectors of the gambling/gaming industry. The judge will review the motivations from the nominations and also the amount of votes received for the employer.


CEO of the year

CEOs are strategically placed to steer the direction of the organisation to ensure transparency, sustainability and create a conducive environment for creativity. Has your CEO created such an environment? Let us know and share the excellence with the gambling/gaming industry. This nomination is open to all stakeholders in the gambling/gaming industry.


Auditor of the year

Gambling auditors play a huge role in ensuring that the license application and renewal process is completed timely to ensure a seamless and issuing of licenses. How has been you experience when interacting with gambling/gaming auditors? Let the industry now about the excellent experience you received from these professionals.


Compliance professional of the year

Compliance is the key to maintaining your license, regulators as well as operators/manufacture have to ensure that standards and regulations are abided. These professionals are work tirelessly to maintain a compliant industry, so how have these professionals assisted you to maintain compliance and avoid fines/penalties for non-compliance. Tell us about your star compliance professional.


Legal professional of the year

Some regard this industry as one of the most litigious industries. Legal professionals play an important role in ensuring the correct interpretation of the law. Without the advice of these professionals, the industry would be impossible to manage and maintain uniformity. Which legal professional deserves this award, based on the advice and outstanding work they have done to ensure compliance?


Horse racing event of the year

South Africa hosts a number of horse racing events which have become main feature on the A list of African gambling/gaming industry events calendar. The GI Awards will honour the best voted horse racing event of the year, thereby recognising the onrgaziers, the horse racing industry for organising such event which promote job creation, tourism, culture and arts. The spin off from these events is massive for local government which host the events. The GI Award will motivating the organisers and the horse racing industry to continuously improve and unlock opportunities for industries over and above gambling/gaming.


SportsBetting campaign of the year

The sports betting sector throughout the continent has witness double digit growth. The growth is fuelled by the proliferation of smart devices in the continent coupled by the drop in data costs. Bookmakers have been very innovative with their marketing campaigns to attract and retain clients. The GI Awards will recognise the best marketing campaign and brand visibility of the industry. The GI Awards will encourage and reward creativity in the sports betting industry. This sector of the African gambling/gaming industry provides opportunities for the software developers, graphic designer, marketing professionals and creatives to ensures this sector sustains the growth trajectory.


LPM brand of the year

Route operators are licensed to own, manage and operate LPMs in SA. The route operators rollout LPM through site operators, which means the route operators are constantly searching for suitable site operators to rollout LPMs. This award recognises the route operator widely recognisable through their brand visibility and/or marketing campaigns.


Bingo brand of the year

The research from PwC estimate that the Bingo sector could be worth R2.2 billion ($0.16 billion) by the end of the four year period. The sector has witnessed the biggest growth in the past year, with a growth rate surpassing 30%. The role players in the Bingo sector will be recognised for their brand development efforts which have resulted in the staggering growth.


Lifetime achievement award nomination of the year

The judges and the organisers will search throughout the African gambling/gaming industry to identify an individual with creative contributions of outstanding significance during their career in the industry. The judges will closely these  consider nominations received from the industry. The growth of the African gambling/gaming industry has been shaped by the contributions from these individuals who relentlessly brought innovation to ensure the transparency and sustainability of the industry. These amazing individuals will be recognised with a lifetime GI Award.